Spring Break – Voki Style

Our spring break just ended and we returned full of fun stories about the places we had gone and the things we did with our families. Many of us went to Florida so we thought it would be a good idea to have our dolphin friend share some of our spring break details with you. We are sharing our spring break memories with you as part of our edublogs blogging challenge!

6 thoughts on “Spring Break – Voki Style

  1. Very neat! I went to a small island called westport off the coast of Waunakee! It really is exquisite!

    P.S. i’ve decided to name the dolphin Carlos.

  2. Selena – your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Carlos seems like a fine name, he seemed a little more like a Francis to me though.

  3. Hi guys let me just say this really makes the blog. I think the dolphins name should be Martin just a suggestion but Carlos is also pretty cool to.

  4. Hello,
    it sounds like you had a fabulous time on your spring break. I listened to your voki and loved that very much.
    I hope you all enjoyed your spring break. Please could you and your class come onto my challenge blog and do this weeks challenge if you can at:
    Thank you!
    From Chloe.

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