Our Special Place

If you were going to visit our school there are many places you would want to visit and some “tourist attractions” you would want to investigate on your trip.

As part of our Edublogs Blogging Challenge for Week 2, we want to share a little about “Our Place”. In our school we have many neat places and fun activities. One fun activity is the poster give-aways. Every week we have two posters that you can choose from. In order to get the poster you want you have to fill out a slip of paper of a book you read and why you like it. Then, two people will get picked to keep one or the other poster.

Another fun activity we do is track the continents you have been to.  You sign your name on the continents that you have traveled to.

The library is a place to read and look for books. You can also come to the library for homework or research during the noon hour.

In the gym, every Friday, all the students come together in the morning for an assembly. In the assembly we talk about upcoming events, who is in the spotlight, birthdays, and to congratulate student achievements. We also come to the gym for P.E.

The students at our school love Art.  We have a very dedicated Art teacher who does awesome projects with us.  In her room we get to be very creative.

We also have many opportunities to help out in our community. Service Club is one of the ways we can help out.  You can do any number of things from fund raising to volunteering your time or bringing in supplies. We do a lot of character education in our building.  Our class has these very special masks.  As we learn about each trait and make them a part of our lives, we decorate these masks to show how we are growing as a person.  They are called Masks of Strength and Character!

We hope you can get an idea of what a day might be like in our school.  Its quite the place and maybe one day you might even get a chance to stop by and visit…

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