Outdoor Expo

We had two back-to-back field trips and they were both really fun even though they were really different.  We explored a lot of stations that showcased all of the different things that people can do in our state.

Picture 109


Picture 106


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Picture 114

Poetry Books

Everyone of us have been writing our very own poetry book’s! With super illustrations and amazing new poems! We have been working very hard to make  these look their very best! We have carefully crafted each picture and illustration in our book. We recently received our books and they look amazing! All of our parents and us enjoy reading and seeing our work. Thank you parents for your support in this project and we hope you enjoy these books.

Norwegian Dancers

Today “April 10th” we had amazing Norwegian dancers from Stoughton that came and shared a wonderful  demonstration of some Norwegian daces as well as some others! There were at least 8 different dances that were very entertaining  and funny. You could tell they had practiced very hard on some difficult daces. They not only danced but they did some gymnastics stunts that kept the audience full of excitement! We enjoyed there wonderful performance and hope they come again!  ( The picture above was not today’s performance but was one of the dances they showed us. )

Digital Learning Fair

We had a fair at are school to teach us about technology. Some stations were: Prezi, Voki, Sock Puppets, Smore, and more! Each station was about 10 minutes long. Some kids in are school taught at stations. Even 5 people in are class got the opportunity to teach at a station. It was really fun!

Campaign Kick-Off

Our SAV Campaign kicked-off today and it was awesome.  Our presenters did an awesome job speaking and showing their PREZI with all the helpful information on it for students.

We even had a bunch of students who signed their pledge to stay away from violent video games a day early, that was a very unexpected and nice surprise.

Everyone looked awesome in their matching SAV Campaign shirts, what a super way to start a great campaign.

SAV campaign

A student in our class came up with a wonderful idea to help shed light on a serious problem that the Connecticut shootings brought to everyone’s attention – kids playing violent video games! It is called SAV, also know as Students Against  Violence. Our class is supporting his idea and we are helping to run this campaign in our building.  These are the things that the campaign involves:

  • Students will have the choice to sign a pledge saying that for two weeks they will avoid TV shows, video games and movies that have violence in them.
  • We made bracelets in the color of the Sandy Hook school and will give one to the students who sign the pledge.
  • NAMI, a local business, was awesome and paid for our class to have T-shirts with the SAV campaign logo on them!
  • Our students made signs promoting the event to post around the school.
  • We will also be having a “drop box” where you can drop off all violent games or movies that you own if you want and a company will responsible recycle them.

We believe that we can make a difference and teach students that letting violence into your lives, in anyway, is never a good thing!

Baby Shower

This week we all hosted a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Zwettler.

She is due to have her third baby boy any day now.

Three moms came in to help with the shower, we had an ice cream sundae bar and ate some really delicious cake!

We also played a fun game where we made Play-doh babies and then Mrs. Zwettler picked the cutest one. 

There were some really hilarious babies.  It was such a special party and I know that Mrs. Zwettler loved it!

New Teacher

Mrs. Zwettler is having a baby!!! We are going to have a new teacher while she is gone. Her name is Ms. Battist.  She graduated from UW-Whitewater in 2012, so we are sure that she will have lots of fun and brand new ideas for us to try out in the classroom. We cant wait to see her again in the classroom, we have already had her a sub in the room and she has come to observe us for the entire day to learn our routines.